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Berlin’s creative scene has to offer. 

 Young, international, and Berlin-based creators ourselves, we want to give our audience a chance to look behind the scenes of Berlin’s cultural ecosystem. Berlin After Dark (BAD) wants to empower young artists and create a community for Berlin’s art and music lovers. 


We produce a bimonthly TV show, in which we interview upcoming artists with unusual backstories and quirky projects.

Our home is ALEX Berlin, a young TV channel that covers Berlin’s politics and culture. As their only regular English-speaking show, we want to invite the expats of Berlin to join the local community. Our show is aired with German subtitles to make sure everyone is included in the experience. On the show, we talk with artists of all disciplines about their creative work and personal stories, often focussing on a specific current theme. More than that, we showcase musicians, illustrators, and Berlin-based events.











We want to make art in Berlin relatable.

As a collective of young international artists and journalists, we felt that Berlin’s cultural scene was lacking a community that truly empowers young creators. We were looking for a way to engage with other artists. We wanted to share stories of mistakes and successes, failures and achievements – and finally, of lessons we can learn from one another. This was hardly possible in pretentious vernissages – we were hungry for a true and relatable exchange. In early 2018, we came together and outlined our vision for a new TV show, in something as simple as an email to the TV channel ALEX BERLIN, which was eager to support our idea. Berlin After Dark was born.

When I came to Berlin as an expat artist, with no network here, I started researching who were the people behind some of the exhibitions and events I was discovering. Getting to know their stories and struggles helped me find my own place as an artist in Berlin. Now I want to share their stories.

Stephan van Kuyk – Host



We make Berlin’s ‘behind the scenes’ accessible.

Additionally to the show, we create regular series of shorter content, in which we put spotlights on music, art curation, and food throughout Berlin. In BAD Visits, we interview Berlin-based art collectors and event host to show their personal views on art in the city. BAD Street Music presents young musicians at unexpected places in the streets of the capital. Finally, BAD Supper Club is a format in which we explore Berlin restaurants and bars as the perfect scenery for intimate interviews with artists.


Exploring the most interesting places in Berlin and talking to the faces behind them.

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Showcasing upcoming Berlin musicians in unexpected places.

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Creators have to eat, right? So why not team up with them to have dinner together? Why not doing so while talking about art, music, culture and more?

Comes out OCT 2019