BAD Media

 BAD Media. 

 We make your audiovisual projects come true. 

Ever needed a full audiovisual team at your disposal? Are you coming to Berlin and want to film a music video? Maybe you have a seminar you want to record or need other type of video content done?

Then we’ve got your back. We have a complete team ready jump in and take care completely of making sure that your video needs are taken care of.


You need a team? We’ve got a team.
Our team has been working together for over 2 years on a wide array of projects and collaborating regularly towards creating BERLIN AFTER DARK.

Our modular approach towards team-building allows us to offer the ideal solution to your project. Small project? Small team. Big project? Big team.

Just tell us about your project and we will make sure to build a team to fit your specific needs.

What we do.


Have an overall idea of what you need, but not quite there yet?

Worry not, our creative team is available to help develop your idea into a media content.


You come up with the idea, we make sure to put it into action. Finding locations, team, gear, actors…

Whatever it takes to make a product out of your dreams.


Ideas aren’t worth much if not put into action.

Let us take ownership of your idea, find a team, location and gear. Taking all the steps towards making a film out of your idea.


We’ve got a team of creatives ready to tackle your project. Team size can vary from specific needs of project.


Manouk Van Kuyk

Dante 1

Dante Bortolotti


Stephan van Kuyk


Alex C Hall


Conde Von Blatt

Martin T Raggio




Jack Grewe


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