Berlin After Dark

Berlin After Dark is a talk show that aims to connect amazing creators to a new audience. Relying on in-depth interviews to get to really understand their unique story and what drives them
and what they can teach on how they got where they are. 

Unique interviews with unique individuals.

“Keep it on! It’s like a the Daft Punk of talk shows”

– Person on YouTube

Berlin After Dark was started in 2018 when a group of international creatives was faced with a unique opportunity. The chance to pitch a tv show into public german broadcaster ALEX TV.

The issue then became what kind of tv show to pitch, they never thought about producing their own tv show before. Yet, they had all the needed skills to kick it off.

The idea then came, creating a platform to show the amazing people we came across, a TALK SHOW where people could actually relate to the guests, interviewing real people managing real creative careers.

Berlin After Dark

Our Flagship show, a long-format interview focusing on creating personal conversations with some o the most exciting creators out there.

BAD Street Music

Our love letter to the local music scene. Great musicians performing secretive concerts across some of Berlin’s hidden locations.

BAD Extras

We can’t be bothered by labels. Sometimes we just want to do content that doesn’t fit into anything we’ve done before.

Season II

Coming in 2020

Season I

Episode #6

Jusst Lucky / Lina Bembe / YY

After one year of creating content to empower young creatives, Berlin After Dark is sshot its first-ever episode in front of a live audience. The theme of this episode was BADass Women. Nathalie Crivelli is a Berlin-based art curator. Far off the typical route into art curation, Nathalie used her background in finance to kick-start her career, while still working as a nude model and muse for international artists. Lina Bembe, an internationally renowned feminist adult movie director and actress. The Berlin-based Mexican works for women to gain their own voice in pornography and to get empowered through their own sexuality.

Episode #5

Manono / Rodrigo Da Matta / Dami & Lola

An in-depth view into freelancing! Join us, while our host @stephan.vankuyk talk with our guest about the benefits and struggles of freelancing … First off we have Manono, the multi-cultural Berlin-based band that recently crowdfunded over 8.000 Euros to finance the recording of their new album. Then Rodrigo Da Matta takes us thru the journey that took him to create a community around the Brazilian artists performing in Berlin. Finally, Damián Tetelbaum and Lola Avigliano explain to us the ways they manage multiple projects at the same time.

Episode #4

Nahum /John Debt & Yawwn / IMRSV

This time it’s ALL about the future. Space artists and hypnotist NAHUM talks about blurring the edges between space research and artistic research. On the other side, IMRSV arts will share with us their practices about interactive art and new technologies being used by artists. Kristin, the almost Ph.D. will share her book recommendations. As well as beats by John Debt & Yawwn

Episode #4 vol 2

Earf / Hachulla

We had a bit of a problem with the bookings of our episode #4 At the end of the day, too many amazing guests came by. This ended up being an extra half episode, called: Berlin After Dark episode #4: Vol 2, like Kill Bill. Andreas Hachulla joins us to talk about how he walks into Berlin night-clubs and draws its interiors. And straight from Philly, Earf as our musical guest.

Episode #3

Manolo Ty / Hans Narva / Babel Collage

Berlin After Dark #3 explores society through conversations with creators that embed cultures from different societies in their art. This time, we dive deep on a topic that affects all humans beings – but some of them still insist to deny its existence. Can you guess what it is? Join us in and get to know the work of Hans Narva, Manolo Ty, and the jazzy duo Babel Collage as our musical guest.

Episode #2

Hanns Löhr / Lauren Jayne / Johnny Hooker

Exciting new guests, such as art Historian Dr. Hanns Löhr, telling the story about the stolen art by Nazis, during the second world war. Also, Lauren Jayne is telling us about her new move to Berlin, after spending years traveling the world filming exciting unknown bands. As a musical guest, we have Johnny Hooker and his tropical Brazilian songs.

Episode #1

Anne Bengard / Catnapp / James Hudson

The Berlin After Dark talk show features Conversations With Creators in Berlin. Interview Guests: James Hudson (@disconnectionist), Anne Bengard (@anne_bengard_art) Musical Guest: Catnapp (@ccatnapp)

BAD Street music

In our new format, BAD STREET MUSIC, we from Berlin After Dark present up and coming Berlin musicians in unexpected places.


BAD Visits #1

Art collection – Ulrich Seibert

A new BAD format – visiting the most interesting places in Berlin and talking to the faces behind them.

Bad supper club

David Puck & Gregory B. Waldis @ Paolo Pinkel Berlin.

Welcome to Berlin After Dark’s new child! BAD Supper club! This time we are going to be hosting the same riveting conversations our viewers have grown familiar with but with a delicious twist, this time we are hosting these conversations while enjoying fancy drinks and delicious food!

About Us

Berlin After Dark is produced by BAD MEDIA a mix-matched group of creators from all over the world with a wide set of skills. This colourful team is one of the key points of our tv show.

A unique team. Making a unique tv show.


Feel free to get in touch. Do you know anybody that would make for a cool interview? Any ideas for the show? Any comments you would like to share?

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Our team is always looking for new people! Would you like to be part of one of Berlin’s most exciting projects? Drop us an email and tell us a bit about yourself!